SMS Gateway & API for Developers


TextPort's SMS web service allows developers to integrate Text Messaging into their own applications without the overhead of having to maintain vast phone number prefix and carrier databases that are required to successfully implement SMS.

Instead, all that's required is to add a reference to the TextPort SMS web service client and we'll handle the message routing for you.

Web services are ideal for applications that have a requirement to send automated text alerts, announcements, invitations, or any other form of bulk notification.

We currently offer a SOAP (.NET 2.0/ASMX) and a WCF (.NET 3.5 and above) service. Both services can be easily integrated into any Visual Studio project and any other development platforms that support SOAP. If you have a custom interface requirement, contact us and we'd be glad to consider your request.


Each message sent costs 1 credit (approximately 2.9 cents). Credits may be purchased via the Purchase Credits link on the user profile page. Credits may be purchased in blocks of 100, 200, 300, 500, 1,000 or 5,000, depending upon your needs. If you require credits for testing contact us to request allocation of a block of free test credits.


A typical web service call requires a username & password (obtained by registering an account), followed by a list of messages, each of which contains the recipients mobile number, a reply email address and the message text. You can submit one or more SMS requests per web service call.

The URLs for the web services can be found here:
The core method

Any developer with prior web services experience should find the SMS Gateway straight-forward to implement.

Web Service Tutorials

These tutorials will help guide you through setting up a WCF or standard web service in the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment:

WCF Tutorial - Connecting to the TextPort SMS Gateway using the .NET 4.0 WCF Service
Web Service Tutorial - Connecting to the TextPort SMS Gateway using .NET 2.0 Web Services (ASMX)

XML and Code Samples

Refer to our code samples page for more detail on the XML structure and fields of an SMS request and response. This page also provides an example of a call to the WCF service using C# and PHP.