Fast and Efficient Texting Platforms

Consumers are quick to defend their favorite device manufacturers. When you ask a group of people which brand has the best platform for texting, you'll receive as many answers as there are people in the room. However, BlackBerry has long tried to market its phones to those who frequented text or send emails.

For instance, the BlackBerry Curve, Pearl and Bold all feature physical keyboards that make is a little easier to send long emails or text messages. A full QWERTY keyboard design made it onto most of these phones. BlackBerry users could quickly use punctuation or special characters with this design. While many Android phones feature similar keyboards, BlackBerry was the first company to consistently offer phones of this design.

BlackBerry was also ahead of the curve with its BlackBerry Messenger app. This app made instant messaging a cinch. BlackBerry owners could quickly connect with other users via unique identifying numbers over WiFi connections. This system was appreciated because it did not count against the consumer's messaging limits. BBM has evolved to allow users to share activities and view social networking statuses of their friends directly from the app. It also meshes seamlessly with the contacts app on BlackBerry phones. In 2011, Apple announced a similar service with iOS5, allowing all iPad and iPod Touch owners to join in the conversation with iMessage. Although, neither app allows cross-communication, so BlackBerry users will still have to text to users of the iPhone.

Although BlackBerry's App World store is much smaller than the offerings from either Apple or Android, and it doesn't offer as many apps for free, it is still accessible from both a BlackBerry device itself or computer browser. BlackBerry's App World not only lists numerous instant messaging applications as well as add-ons to enhance the text messaging experience. Options include auto-reply responses, tools to block text messages from unwanted numbers and apps that will allow the user to schedule and send messages in the future. However, most of these apps are not free like their counterparts for Apple or Android phones.

Despite its strengths, BlackBerry opponents will describe faults. The QWERTY keyboard is especially small, when compared to slide-out keyboards of other phones, or other app stores offer more free options. These criticisms aren't without their merit. Nevertheless, each release of the BlackBerry operating system includes improvements to the existing text messaging service and more new features.