Virtual Mobile Numbers | Temporary Texting Numbers

A dedicated virtual mobile number provides full 2-way (send and receive) texting functionality, just like a standard mobile phone. A virtual number is a great texting alternative that allows you to send text messages without using or revealing your real mobile number. Virtual numbers can be used as a private or anonymous text messaging number, or can be used as a temporary / burner texting number.

Protect your actual mobile number. Use our forwarding feature to have messages forwarded to your real mobile number.

Virtual number pricing starts at $6.00 for a one-month lease.

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Credits are required to send messsages using your virtual number. Inbound messages are free

Total Cost  $6.00

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USAGE GUIDELINES: Before making a purchase, please review and understand the following:

  • Virtual numbers are intended for communication with other mobile devices. All local carriers are supported.
  • Coverage is only guaranteed for messages sent/received within the country to which the number is designated. For example, a US virtual number will be able to send/receive SMS to/from US mobile devices.
  • Virtual numbers may not work for receiving confirmation, validation or activation codes from some sources. Read more
  • We do not offer refunds for virtual numbers that are used outside the scope of the above limitations