Bulk Texting

Bulk Texting

Send bulk text messages to your customers or contacts. Bulk SMS is ideal for marketing campaigns, promotions, reminders, notifications, or alerts.

The Easiest Way to Send Bulk Texts

Mass text messaging allows you to send SMS messages to large groups of people at one time. Simply enter or upload a list of numbers, enter your message and click send.

Mass Text Marketing

Send marketing messages, alerts, notifications, or reminders to your customers, staff, or group members. Replies can be viewed on TextPort's web interface or forwarded to your mobile device or email.

Easy to use Interface

Enter or upload a list of recipient numbers. Type your message, then click Send. Your messages are on their way.

More Effective Than Email

An average text message is read within 90 seconds. An average email is read within 90 minutes. Text messages also have a 10x better open rate than emails.

Three Simple Steps

Send bulk text messages from your computer in three simple steps.


Enter a list of mobile numbers, or choose recipients from an existing contacts list. Numbers can be copied/pasted or uploaded.


Type the message that you wish to be sent.


Click Send and your messages are on their way. Within seconds your messages are delivered to your contacts.

TextPort's Bulk SMS Interface

Send bulk SMS quickly and easily using a simple interface. Enter or copy your list of numbers, type your message and click send. It's that easy.'

TextPort bulk texting screen