Email to SMS Gateway

Email to SMS Gateway

Send an email to TextPort and we'll convert it into a text message. No need to install software, hire developers, or download anything. Works with all email clients and can be up and running in minutes.

What is Email to SMS?

TextPort's email-to-SMS gateway allows you to send an email to, where it is converted to a text message. Simply register your email address with TextPort, then send an email to {mobile_number} We'll take your email and deliver it as a text message to the number specified in {mobile_number}.

Send texts via email

Send texts to customers and contacts simply by sending an email. Register as many email addresses as you need to allow multiple employees to send texts from email.

Replies routed back to email or SMS

Replies appear in your TextPort messaging page. Like regular inbound texts, your messages can be forwarded to email, SMS or both.

Multiple Recipients

Add more recipients to the To or Cc fields of your email to text multiple numbers at once.

Send Texts from your computer

Email to SMS - Send text messages from your computer in three simple steps.


Register your email address with Textport. If you have multiple employees or team members, they can register also.


From any email client, send a message to {number} ({number} is the mobile number that you're sending the text to). Add more numbers to the To or Cc fields if needed. Write your message, then send. Your email is converted to a text message and delivered within seconds.


Any replies will appear in your TextPort messages page, and can also be forwarded to your email address, or sent as a text to your mobile number.