Reverse phone number lookup

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

See a phone number or area code that you don't recognize? Our reverse phone number lookup will help identify the location and provider information for that number.

What Data Does the Search Provide?

This search provides a free, immediate lookup on any North American phone number. The search will identify the cellular, wireline, or virtual carrier who owns the number. It will also return the city, state, county and ZIP code, which help identify where a call originates from. Where possible, the geolocation and map for the rate center or exchange will be provided.

This search should be used as a general guide only, as the introduction of Local Number Portability (see below for more information on LNP) has resulted in numbers being relocated to new areas and rate centers.

What is Local Number Portability (LNP)?

Local Number Portability (or LNP) is a program introduced in 2001 that allowed subscribers to move to a new location, yet keep their phone number. Prior to LNP, end users had to relnquish their old number, then get a new one in their new location. Fortunately, LNP spares us from having to give up our valuable cellular number.

LNP is a system that enables end users to keep their telephone numbers when switching from one communications service provider to another. It was largely driven by deregulation in the communications industry when many of the large US telephone companies split into smaller entities and new service providers emerged. This offered subscribers choices when choosing a phone carrier, but switching providers still required getting a new phone number. The introduction of number portability allowed consumers to freely select the communications service provider of their choice and keep their original telephone number.