Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual Phone Numbers

Send and receive texts without having to use your own personal device and number. Virtual phone numbers create a professional image while keeping your personal number private. Assign multiple virtual numbers to give your business a local presence in multiple geographic locations.

What is a virtual phone number?

Virtual phone numbers are numbers that can send and receive text messages, but are not assigned to a physical mobile device or individual mobile account. Virtual phone numbers are ideal for businesses that have a requirement to exchange text messages, but don't want to use a personal mobile device, or purchase a device solely for the purpose of sending business texts.

Promote Your Business with SMS

Send promotional texts and notifications from your dedicated virtual phone number. Replies can be forwarded to your mobile device, email address, or viewed in the TextPort web site.

Disposable Texting Numbers

TextPort provides temporary, disposable phone numbers for text messaging. Ideal for situations where you need to give out a number, but not reveal your own personal number.

Dedicated Employee Numbers

Do you have multiple employees or groups within your organization? Assign each entity their own virtual phone number. Replies can be routed back to each employee or group.

Protect your Identity

Virtual numbers help maintain privacy and protect your identity. Send texts anonymously and privately without exposing your mobile number.

National Coverage

Choose from thousands of numbers across every US area code. Check number availability using the number lookup tool below.


Lease a virtual phone number for $5.00/month, or $1.00/day. All number and messaging pricing can be viewed here

Virtual Number Lookup

Check for available numbers using our virtual phone number lookup tool.