SMS API Overview


The TextPort API is used to send and receive text messages using standard REST calls. The API is lightweight and designed to be simple and easy to configure.


Receiving Inbound Messages

Inbound messages can be sent to the callback URL (webhook) that you specify. You can set up a callback URL in the API Settings page. Each account may have multiple API applications, and each application can have one or more virtual numbers assigned.



The API is protected using Basic Authorization over HTTPS. Basic Authorization requires an API Key and password to be Base64-encoded and added to the Authorization HTTP header. Example: Authorization: Basic MS1vcVk0OUNFRzhzOldqTk1ya2t6ZnFLbnQwV2c1bVdk


Visit the API Settings page to get your API credentials. TextPort will assign each application an API key and password.

Basic Test

Visit the API Settings page to set up credentials. Test your connectivity using this basic ping test.