Delivery ReceiptPushed to {Your callback URL}


When a delivery confirmation is received for a number on your account, TextPort will check whether the number has an application assigned (see application setup and number assignment). If an application is found, and a callback URL (webhook) is specified, TextPort will POST an inbound message notification to your callback URL in the following format.


  • All callback events have the same format.
  • The EventType field identifies the purpose of each event.
  • All callback events are sent using an HTTP POST method.
  • TextPort will expect an HTTP 2XX response to all callback events



Sample Callback Event Payload
    "EventType": "message-delivered",
    "Time": "2019-08-22 10:16:30",
    "MessageId": 189023482,
    "From": "19195551212",
    "To": "15055551212",
    "Cost": 0.015,
    "Message": {
        "From": "19195551212",
        "To": "15055551212",
        "MessageText": "Sample message callback for TextPort inbound message."
    "Notifications": "New inbound message received from TextPort."

TextPort will expect to receive an HTTP 200 (OK) or HTTP 202 (Accepted) response back from your endpoint/webkook.