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A text messaging service for business, groups and individuals. Send and receive messages, notifications and alerts from virtual mobile numbers without using your personal mobile device.

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Mobile Alternative

Send and receive text messages without using your mobile device and revealing your personal number.

Business Messaging

Send text message notifications and alerts to customers, groups, or individuals.

Dedicated Virtual Numbers

Select numbers by area code to create a local presence. Add as many numbers and area codes as you need.


Easily integrate SMS messaging into your apps with our REST-based API


Support for standard phone-like features like picture messaging (MMS), delivery receipts and emojis.


Pay for what you need and pay as you go. See pricing details below.

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Simple Interface

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Pay as you go, and pay only for what you need. No minimums and no recurring charges.

Numbers : $6.00 / month

Outbound Text Messages : 1.5¢ per message

Inbound Text Messages : Free

Outbound Picture Messages : 2.5¢ per message

Inbound Picture Messages : Free